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In-game screenshot of character bio page

The Elemental Sprite comes in all element types available in the game.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Water
  • Thunder
  • Light
  • Dark

Regardless of element, the Elemental Sprite is available in all rarity levels (UR, SR, R, N). Additionally the individual element of the sprite does not change its stats or the experience that each rarity provides during synthesis. While the Elemental Sprite can be used in your party line up, this character cannot be leveled up or evolved. It is intended to be used for character synthesis.

The following biography and stats applies to all element types of the Elemental Sprite.

Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
Symbol of Happiness Sunbathing Quiet life Kingdom of Felixia
Themes Species Type Limit
Faerie, Instinctive

Free, Lucky

Special Fire 4x
Skill Effect Skill Cost Party Cost
Faerie's Gift Raises own speed 15 10


Rarity UR SR R N
HP 869 820 774 730
Speed 311 300 284 265
Attack 213 201 190 179
Defense 222 209 197 186

(similar element as Sprite)

150,000 75,000 15.000 3,000

(different element from Sprite)

120,000 60,000 12,000 2,400
Sell Price 3,614 1,606 402 100