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"Give it up. You can't win."

Leader of a band of warriors who aim to protect their village. His incredible prowess in battle has brought invitations to join the Dark Lord's Army. However he vows never to leave his village.

Nickname Hobbies Likes Dislikes
Heroic Demi-God Sweeping Tea & cakes Liars & traitors
Info Traits
Cost 25 Celtic Gods Busybody
Species Demon Leader Herbivore
Type Thunder Free
Skill Effect Skill Cost
Twin Thunder Deals damage to 2 enemies and Paralyzes them. 50
Stat Lv 1

*0 LB*

Lv 100 *Full LB*
HP 1,822 5,090
Speed 426 1,098
Attack 600 1,676
Defense 311 869


Cuhu ur thumb
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